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Low Vision

With the aging population of New Zealand and generally improved healthcare, we are as a whole living to an older age. Unfortunately sometimes our eyes do not hold up quite as well, and we may struggle with our vision despite the use of suitable glasses.


We offer appointments to service the local community members with limited vision. We help you to understand your eye condition that is holding you back, and provide practical education on ways to work around the limitations you may have.

We also work with you to find out about your visual goals, such as any hobbies or tasks you want to be able to continue doing, and will do what we can to enable you to do so. Oftentimes this will include the use of magnifiers or other visual aids, which we will discuss and trial with you in office.


The aim is to help maximize the use of your remaining vision, and help improve your enjoyment of life. We can also help facilitate the use of government subsidies and other organizational initiatives available within New Zealand.

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