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If you spend a lot of time doing certain tasks, let us know so we can make suggestions to help

To allow for all of this to happen, each of our full eye examination appointments are typically around 45 minutes long. During this, we will check for:


  • Vision

  • Glaucoma (including pressure checks)

  • Diabetic changes

  • Macular degeneration

  • Prescription changes

  • Eye muscle function and alignment (and binocular function of eyes)

  • UV damage of the eyes

  • Eye surface conditions (including dry eyes or allergic eye responses)

Depending on the findings of the examination, our optometrist may suggest further assessments using our technologies, such as visual fields testing, dilation of the pupils, or in-depth 3D scans with our latest addition: an OCT Angiography machine.

RETINA 2.png

Our brand new OCT Angiography machine allows us to look beneath the surface of your eyes to detect minute changes in the morphology of your retina to aid early detection of anychanges

For more information about the technology that we use, click here.

We will also be able to advise on the suitability of contact lens wear, as well as the types of lenses most suitable for your particular situation.


As you can see, information including any hobbies, and the distances of each of your tasks that you do, or screens you are looking at are useful for our optometrist. If you have always had any questions about your eyes, certainly feel free to ask us during the exam.

Eye Examination

Here at Westgate Optometrists, we believe in providing truly attentive eyecare. This means that we put in the effort to comprehensive check each part of your eye health as well as how well they function and whether there are any impending health conditions you might be at higher risk for that you need to be aware of. We then communicate these findings with you and provide you with practical, holistic advice specific to your lifestyle and situation.


As such, you can expect us to ask about your lifestyle, general health, occupation, as well as any other hobbies or activities that you partake in.

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