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Contact Lens

Contact lenses have come a long way from the thick, uncomfortable items they used to be in the past. Huge progress has been made, even as recently as in the past 5 years that has made them a lot more healthier and usable. There are also more lens types, from dailies to monthlies, astigmatic to multifocal lenses, to correct for most types of eye prescriptions.


A contact lens consultation would involve assessing your eye’s prescription, as well as the health for any pre-existing conditions that could affect your ability to wear the lenses. Our optometrist would then discuss with you your options, and your intended usage for them, before we make a recommendation on what is the most suitable solution for your situation.

Contact lens

When trying a new form of contact lens, we usually assess the lenses on your eyes, before giving you a few trial lenses to take away and use them in your everyday life. We would then follow up after a week or two to discuss with you how you’ve been finding them, and to assess any fine-tuning that may need to be done to optimize your wearing experience.


Specialty Contact Lenses


If your eyes have particular conditions, such as keratoconus, high levels of astigmatism or high myopia, you may require a more specialized form of contact lens. Examples include RGP hard lenses, high-toric lenses, and even custom-made soft lenses. Over the years, we have helped many patients to achieve levels of vision otherwise not possible with glasses, using these specialized lenses.


We also have an arrangement with the NZ Ministry of Health for the North Health contact lens subsidy for those that are eligible.


We also offer                                                   , click on the link to find out more about this specialized lens solution.

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