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School Notebook

Childen's Vision

A child’s early years are especially important for their development. If their visual system is not functioning well, it could result in them struggling to read and falling behind at school, or have particular difficulty in sporting activities. Often, they would be assessed for a behavioural problem.


Components of a child’s vision that will be assessed at an examination include:


  • Sharpness of sight at distance and near

  • Ability to aim and focus eyes accurately, especially for near tasks such as reading and computers

  • Ability to sustain said focus, for extended periods of time

  • Eye tracking motion for reading fluency and accuracy

  • Ability to process and integrate the visual information from both eyes

  • Ability to differentiate colour

  • Health of the eyes


Difficulty performing some of these tasks can result in general visual difficulty and reduced performance or attention span while at school, amongst other activities.


We can then discuss the various solutions depending on the findings, whether that be visual therapy to improve their particular weakness, or just a simple pair of glasses.


Some children may have rapidly deteriorating short-sightedness from the age of 7 onwards, which can be alarming to the parent. In cases like these, Myopia Control options including OrthoK is important not just to improve their vision, but also to slow down the deterioration of their eyes, which can greatly increase the risks of multiple eye health issues when they are older, including retinal detachments, glaucoma and cataracts.


If you have a community services card, the examination and a large portion of their glasses tend to be covered under the Enable subsidy, and we can claim that directly through the Ministry of Health on your behalf.


Simply get in touch with us to make an appointment for your child.

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