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Revolutionary spectacle lens for preventing short-sightedness

Myopia (short-sightedness) has been an increasingly prevalent issue in children growing up in the highly digital world, where there is a screen every corner you turn. 

Up until now, the most effective myopia control methods are centered around various forms of contact lenses, which have provided effective protection for the eye - and we have prescribed this to good effect amongst our patients since introducing it!

However, the nature of contact lenses means that it is not suitable for every child - especially those that are younger, and does represent extra daily routines and potential risks that is associated with contact lens wear in general.

The Solution

We are delighted to announce that here at Westgate Optometrists, we are now offering a world-leading spectacle lens that has been proven to control the progression of myopia by up to 59%!

The Hoya MiyoSmart lens is now available in New Zealand, and offers potentially sight-saving technology to Kiwi kids.


The Technology

The ideology behind the majority of the myopia control lenses are based around producing blur in the peripherals of the vision in order the "trick" the eye into thinking that it has done enough growing.

The Hoya MiyoSmart lens does this by incorporating about 400 small segments of defocus around the peripheral portion of the lens. Visually they look like the small dimples you would find on the surface of a golf ball, although not nearly as pronounced.



The lens exhibited a good level of acceptability by children in studies, and reported no difficulties in adapting to the lens.

The more pertinent question would be whether your child requires such an intervention, and whether this is the best option amongst the various myopia control methods out there.

We understand it is a complicated and quite a nuanced situation. For that reason we are providing a free consultation for your child with our optometrist in order for us to assess whether your child is suitable for Hoya MiyoSmart, where we can have a further discussion regarding other myopia control methods, and to answer any questions you may have.

Simply click below to schedule a suitable time!

Alternatively, click here if you'd like to explore all other options of myopia control instead.

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