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Adidas is one of the largest and prestigious sporting brands in the world.


A leader in innovation and technology, Adidas also looked to offering more options to sportsmen and women to help achieve their personal athletic goals. Whether it be a personal best or a gold medal, Adidas has been supporting athletes since 1949.

Adidas Sport eyewear produces sports eyewear and snow goggles that are prescription compatible. 


All products from Adidas Sport eyewear are developed together with athletes who compete at the highest levels in sport to ensure best performance and quality.

Adidas A180 evil eye halfrim pro XS 6072
Adidas Zonyk Pro Vario glasses-1.jpg

Sports frames by Adidas Sport eyewear ensure unobstructed vision through unique design and extreme wrap-around lenses, as well as lasting comfort with a secure fit, due to exceptional materials. 

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